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Awesome Opossom Night

Did you know that opossums are awesome? Would you like to meet one in person? Come join us and the Center for Wildlife and meet Ophelia, their non-releasable Virginia opossum ambassador and enjoy some of our delicious beer! Tickets are limited, so be sure to buy yours today!

Adults: $15 each- Includes one 10oz beer, all proceeds go to the Center for Wildlife
Children: $10 each

Purchase tickets here:

5 reasons that opossums are awesome!
1. A single opossum can eat over 5,000 ticks in one week! Great free and eco-friendly lyme control!
2. The Virginia opossum is the only marsupial in North America!
3. Virginia opossums have the most teeth of any land mammal - 50!
4. Mom opossums can have up to 13 babies in their pouch! They are born the size of a bumblebee!
5. Virginia opossums are like nature's clean up crew and are wonderful opportunist feeders!

Please join us to celebrate these awesome opossums!"

Later Event: July 18
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